Meet our Client of the Month: Kathleen Ventura!


This woman makes me want to be a better woman.

For real. There is no one out there who walks their talk more than Kathleen Ventura. If you’ve never met or heard of Kathleen, now is your chance to get mega-inspired and start rethinking the choices you’re making in your life and business. Warning: she WILL have that effect on you.

When I first met Kathleen, I remember being SO impressed by her rapid-fire intelligence and how well she really knew her clients and cared about their success. At the time, we were working on her sales page for Start Your Coaching Practice™  – her get-off-the-ground course for coaches who need solid direction to ensure they focus on the right tasks. That was over 2 years ago and she still uses that sales page to this day! #lifetimevalue

I had SO much fun working with Kathleen, and felt so enlivened by her bright ideas, personality, and WHY, that I nearly BURST with joy when she came back to me for rebrand copy last year. Really, I could gush for days, but it’s time you just meet Kathleen yourself so you can feel some of her signature sunshine. 🙂

Your name?

Kathleen Ventura

Who are you, like, for REAL?

I’m a woman who wants to live in a world where everyone lives with intention and consciously creates a life that’s in alignment with their unique values. I am also a wildly passionate feminist, environmentalist and Star Wars fan 😉

For real? I am just one crazy, fast-talking, extreme introvert who wants to live in an eco-friendly house, eat organic plant-based food, and empower women all over the world to use their unique gifts and create a lifestyle that aligns with what is most important to them.


What’s your business, and what do you LOVE about it?

I own a life and business coaching practice for women entrepreneurs who are really good at what they do, but still get in their own way when it comes to the business side of bringing their work to the world. It’s two-fold: the life coaching helps these women overcome the blocks and limiting beliefs that are causing unnecessary resistance, and the business coaching is all about planning and execution. Through both private coaching and elite masterminds, I help my clients build a business model that is unique to them, fun to work on, and generates the kind of income they desire.

And, as someone who likes to go deep with people, I really care about every single one of my clients and their journeys. I LOVE that my business enables me to connect deeply with women all over the world as they embark on “being the change they want to see.” I also LOVE cultivating community within the entrepreneurial world particularly because often it can feel isolating, which makes it too easy to think that there is something wrong with us! Let’s face it – becoming an entrepreneur means you’re the unicorn in your current social and professional circles. Bringing together communities of women who ‘get’ each other and lift each other up is just about my favorite thing ever.

What made you choose Jamie and Your Hot Copy for your website?

There was no contest! I actually put “have Jamie write my entire website copy for my rebrand” on my business bucket list last year, so when the time came I was thrilled that she had space for the project!

I’ve always been blown away by Jamie’s copy whether it is in her own newsletters or on a colleague’s sales page. I should also mention: I trusted that Jamie really understood my brand and ME, so that I wouldn’t have to kill myself trying to explain who I was and what my vision for the rebrand looked like.

Which YHC package did you do?

Jamie did my sales page for Start Your Coaching Practice ®, but most recently she did ALL of the copy for my current rebrand, including the sales copy for Own It, my high-level mastermind program – which is open for enrollment again right now!

What did you love about the process of working with us?

Everything. Working with Jamie and Your Hot Copy, the communication and processes are so succinct and clear. There is nothing confusing, it’s extremely organized and fluid. Materials were delivered even sooner than I anticipated and Jamie really understood my vision and listened to my feedback throughout the whole process.

How did it FEEL when you first received and read your copy?

Is “squeal” a feeling? Because, I’m pretty sure when I saw it in my inbox I squealed audibly and stopped everything I was doing. It was SO good, it was incredible how Jamie captured everything I wanted in the message, with the words, all of it.  She is such a professional and it was evident reading through the first draft.

How did launching with Your Hot Copy differ from previous launches?

I had only launched the Own It program one time previously and I did it without a sales page. This time around, however, I had so much confidence going into the cart opening. I couldn’t wait for everyone to see the sales page. I felt confident that the copy would effectively communicate the benefits, features, and procedures of the program. I had ladies applying telling me how they read the sales page and it just totally resonated with them!

The launch was so professional and polished, and we revealed the entire website the same day the cart opened so the positive feedback was overwhelming.

Overall, what was unique about launching with Jamie as your copywriter?

Launching with Jamie as my copywriter made me feel legit, proud and excited to show off my copy and sales page. I know she is one of the best in the business and having the confidence that her words were bringing my brand to life and communicating my message to the world was treat to say the least.

Overall, were you happy with the results and performance of the copy? Yes, we’re asking you how we “performed.” Teehee!

Obvi!?!? Elated. Thrilled. Impressed. Honored. Telling-everyone.

I still have people asking me who did my copy for the website!

Plus, I sold out the Own It mastermind with World Class Clients–every single one of them is amazing. So I’d say that “successful” isn’t even a strong enough word for describing the performance of the sales page 🙂

Over the time you’ve used the copy Jamie wrote for you, how much revenue did it help you bring in?

Oh man. Well, we did almost $70K in revenue from the launch in August 2016 when we revealed the website – including the sales page for Own It. Since then, we’ve earned nearly another $65K in sales plus $9,600 passively just from Start Your Coaching Practice™ (we didn’t launch it at all in 2016!).

How many launches have you been able to use this copy for?

I’m on the second one now! It feels like such a luxury to know that this copy is solid and going to work for me for many launches to come!

What do YOU think is the lifetime value of sales page copy? This isn’t a trick question, just take a guess!

It’s tough to put an actual figure on it because things like confidence, brand authority, and effective communication are invaluable to me as a business owner.

Anything else you’d like us to know about your unicorn awesomeness?

Best question ever?!  I’d say the fact that I am finally in a place where I am embracing all of my unique unicorn awesomeness is what has helped me empower my clients to do the same–to identify who they are, how they work best, and what they want most. I love holding community for women entrepreneurs who are moving mountains in the world!

Tell us what you’ve got coming up next in business!

This month, the Own It Mastermind is open for 2017 enrollment! We are accepting fourteen exceptional women into the program to help them get out of their own way, design a business model that is unique to them, and start making the money they really wan!
AND this time around I’m including some early enrollment bonuses that I’ve never offered before so I’m a little excited about revealing those!

Oooh, that’s juicy! How would your perfect Own It lady get started or find out more info?

All of the gorgeous copy and details for Own It Mastermind are at!

What’s your top tip for women who are struggling with getting out of their own way and identifying how to best utilize their time to grow their business?

What this comes down to is trusting yourself.
My philosophy is that when you trust yourself, your business can transform. Make your number one goal trusting yourself. Be honest about what feels good to you. Establish measurable objectives in alignment with that. Check in with yourself that you don’t have any stories/beliefs that something “bad” might happen if you were to realize these objectives.  Eliminate anything that doesn’t directly move the needle towards the achievement of those objectives. Take action.

DIDN’T I WARN YOU THAT KATHLEEN WOULD SHAKE UP THE WAY YOU LOOK AT LIFE AND BUSINESS? I know I did! And for good reason. Reading her advice gives me the chills. Also, her Own It mastermind is so good that it makes me wish I could just be in every mastermind on the planet.

If you haven’t yet, you can check out all the details, and the copy, right here.


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