Meet Our Client of the Month: Aubrey Mathis of Today May Suck!

For anyone, in any career, whether you run your own online business or not, it’s rare to work on projects that fulfill you on the deepest level, totally align with your values, and make you feel like you’re actually making the world a better place.

This is why we’re always flushed with gratitude whenever we get a gig that gives us the warm tinglies. And writing copy for Aubrey Mathis’ “Today May Suck” was totally one of those gigs.

Not only is Aubrey a high-energy, hilarious firecracker of a human – but she’s got a heart of gold. Aubrey built her business entirely around providing comfort to those who are going through rough times.She might be shy to tell you the whole amazing story, but that’s okay, because we made sure to capture all of it for her on Today May Suck’s About Page!

We’re so excited to share her amazing business with you today, because everyone knows someone who could use one of her comfort kits A.S.A.P.

So, without further ado… meet Aubrey Mathis!

Meet our September Client of the Month: Aubrey Mathis of Today May Suck!

Your name?

Aubrey Mathis

Who are you, like, for REAL?

I’m that girl that writes important notes on her hands and forgets and washes them. Humor is my go to emotion ( I mean I totally answered this question in my head as “I’m the Real Slim Shady.) I am a gypsy soul and lover of anything caffeinated.

What’s your business, and what do you LOVE about it?

Today May Suck Comfort Kit Co. and I LOVE knowing that through me someone’s day may suck just a little bit less.

What made you choose Jamie and Your Hot Copy for your website?

Her open, honest, unfluffed (if that’s a word!) copy.

Which YHC package did you do?

The Three Way!

What did you love about the process of working with us?

The process was easy peasy. I am the least techy person ever and everything was super user friendly.

How did it FEEL when you first received and read your copy?

I YELLED “FUCKIN A” out loud at a red light! It was so amazing. After one chaotic skype call (that I think I forgot to even have the video on for), Jamie NAILED me!!!

We know the power of copy– a full site overhaul is like an amazing makeover transformation that you could watch over and over on TLC (no, just us?) Anyway, we wanna know how did reading your NEW copy MAKE YOU FEEL?!

I am still on a high every time I read my copy. People may use the term “ALL the FEELS” but that’s truly how I feel about every single word in my copy.

Aubrey Mathis - Today May Suck

How has your new copy affected your opt-ins and sales?

Our “Cry or Cocktail Card” is one of our biggest selling items, and it’s totally Jamie’s words. The content of almost every single one of my Comfort Cards is inspired by, if not exactly from, my copy. It truly was after reading my copy that my vision really started to take place with my business.

Gush for us. What’s are you most excited about creating this year?

I am super excited to be launching Aubrey Mathis, Support Strategist at Today May Suck. I will help those who are unsure of how to help support a grieving loved one by changing the way we acknowledge grief with compassion blended with a little comedic relief.

Anything else you’d like us to know about your bomb diggity biz?

Since our Cry or Cocktail Card is now one of our biggest selling items, we will be launching a new hand painted graphic for it, and all the cards, before the holidays.

Wow, Aubrey. It gives us ALL THE FEELS to know that our copy has helped your business truly soar!

If you’re curious to see what Aubrey’s up to over at Today May Suck Comfort Kit Co., and pick up a Comfort Kit or Card for someone you know who’s going through some rough stuff, you can do that right here.

Ready to get copy that gives YOU a high (and your biz a boost)? We’ve got you. Click here to review our services and grab your spot in our calendar.


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