“But, can you really sound like me?” Ask Kerin.

-said 1,000 perspective clients”

Our response “ABSOLUTELY.”

How? Our system is threefold.

We learn about your business. Duhsies. Before each project we have our clients fill out an in-depth questionnaire so we can get crystal clear on your biz. And not just the basics, we go deep. (Oh, yeah, baby.) We want to know why this business exists! We immerse ourselves in your mission, your vision, and your WHY.

We get into the mind of your client! We wanna know everythingggggggg about your ideal client. Her loves, her hates, her deepest desires. Knowing the people you’re targeting helps us connect your voice to her ears (or eyes, in the digital world we live in!)

We LISTEN to you. Like, really listen. During your kick-off call with your head writer, we get to know you. We listen to the way you speak, the words you use, and we pay attention to the story you tell us. We connect with your vision and then use our gifts to translate that into written word.

And when those 3 things happen, MAGIC happens. Next thing you know, POOF! You have a website copy that SOUNDS the way you want to sound. A strong message that’s conveyed clearly. And empowered readers who are INSPIRED to reach out to you.

And when your voice is there, your website comes to life.

And that, is exactly what we did for Kerin. But we’ll let her tell you about that…

Your name?

Kerin Briscese

Who are you, like, for REAL?

Yikes, This is a loaded question. To sum ME up I would have to say Wine, food and travel lover (preferably all at the same time). Shoe and purse collector. Obsessed with getting women to love their bodies and who they are from the inside out! Hopeless romantic at heart.


What’s your business, and what do you LOVE about it?

I help women who struggle to lose a pound drop weight eating REAL food (dare I say even cake) by figuring out the macronutrients intake (proteins, carbs, fats) that they specifically need in order to lose 1-3lbs a week of body fat, and keep it off PERMANENTLY. As an EX-emotional and CRAZY- around-food binge eater I work predominantly with women who struggle with the same issues. Not only do I teach them how to eat for their bodies (a.k.a they take back the control. NO more diet plans, they now get to choose what they want to eat) but I also work with their mindset so we break through any self sabotaging, glass ceiling limiting belief systems that have held them back in the past. It is a lot easier to lose weight when you are consistently showing up at the gym and eating till you are satisfied, not about to burst.

What did you love about the process of working with us?

It is still my words. Emily listened to everything I said and really captured the tone and feel of what I was going for.

We know the power of copy– a full site overhaul is like an amazing makeover transformation that you could watch over and over on TLC (no, just us?) Anyway, we wanna know how did reading your NEW copy MAKE YOU FEEL?!

Empowering to see my words and what was going on inside of me come to life. I felt overwhelmed and not sure where to start when having to redo my website copy. It was such a relief to see all the words that were scrambled inside my head be put on paper that made sense and flowed smoothly.

Overall, what was unique about working with Your Hot Copy as your copywriter?

How clearly your team can capture the voice of your clients!

Overall, were you happy with the results and performance of the copy? Yes, we’re asking you how we “performed.” Teehee!

Haha, in short, YES!

How did having your website written by YHC make writing future copy easier for you?

I got more clear with my message which makes writing everything easier.

Would you recommend working with Your Hot Copy?

Absolutely! And I have!

Tell us what you’ve got coming up next in business!

I am currently working on booking 3 events every month (I just love the face to face interactions!) I have also stepped up my Private FB Group game, it’s been great watching women from around the world join and come together to support each other. I’m loving how they look and not holding themselves back. It is so cool being a part of that.

Gush for us. What are you most excited about creating this year?

A bigger community! It is the most amazing thing to be able to help women who come to me saying they have tried everything else and have given up hope of ever loving how they look. It lights me up to be a part of that!

There you have it! You can find more about Kerin on her website, join her private Facebook Group, and grab your copy of her free eBook right here.

If you’re feeling like “ahhhhhhhhh no one will ever nail my voice” or “omg I have so many ideas, where the hell do I even start and how could I even hand this over to a copywriter?!” Take a deep breath, sweet thang, because we got you. And you can click right here to book a call with Erin to hear more about working with us and figure out if we’re the ONE(S) for you.


Lots of love and word wizardry,


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