YHC’s Client of The Month: Erin Peloquin!

Recently, I caught up with the ever-so-lovely Erin Peloquin, also known as: one of my favorite clients, ever!

Erin is a true internet renaissance woman. She’s not only an amazing mommy and wife, but she’s also a former Latin teacher, CPA, and NOW a pro photographer who teaches moms and other photography newbs how to snap and edit pics they’ll adore for life.

Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure of whipping up a funnel for Erin’s digital workshops, so it was fun to hear how they were working for her!

In any event, we love writing for Erin, so I’m so excited for you to meet her too!

promo-3Who are you, like, for REAL?

I’m a former Latin teacher & CPA who finally found a way make her passion a career. I’m a wife and mother of two amazing daughters who are going to grow up never doubting that they can succeed at anything they want and design their own lives.

What’s your business, and what do you LOVE about it?

I teach photography and photo editing. I love working for myself, working around my children’s schedules, working hard, and indulging in my hobby daily and getting paid for it.

So, you recently set up a sales funnel within your biz. What was your main goal in doing this?

I wanted to establish a path from free product to major purchase via a series of web forms and automated emails.

Did YHC help you achieve that?

Absolutely! The copy for both the opt-in forms and the emails rocked. Plus, it saved me hours and hours of time that I would have spent trying to get the wording just right.

COTM Erin Peloquin

What made you choose Jamie and Your Hot Copy for your fab funnel?

I found Jamie on Pinterest and was converted by her website. She has a gift with words, and for diving down into the heart of what needs to be communicated.

Overall, what was unique about launching with Jamie as your copywriter?

I loved the strategy session. Jamie knew exactly what I needed to do and she was familiar with a funnel structure and even the automation system I use. She also had great business tips!

What about your emails makes you drool?

Each email has a unique business goal, from establishing authority or social proof to creating a sense of urgency.

How did your new funnel perform?

So far, we’ve seen a 6% conversion rate from download of freebie to the tripwire purchase.

COTM Erin Peloquin

Would you recommend working with Jamie and Your Hot Copy? Why or why not?

Oh yes, I’d recommend working with Your Hot Copy. Combine the business sense, laser sharp copy & time savings, and it’s a no brainer!

Tell us about your course and where we can find you!

My courses are designed to make photography & photo editing easy for beginners or anyone who wants to boost their skills. is a unique 1-photo-a-day project that includes 1 detailed photography lesson each day PLUS a homework assignment designed to make the lesson stick. features hundreds of free tutorials plus workshops in Lightroom & Photoshop Elements.



You can find Erin, and all of the amazing content she has to teach for FREE on either of those above websites! Thank you SO much for sharing your experience with us, Erin. You’re a dream!

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