Relationships. They matter in business too.


Yeah. I’m just gonna say it.

They’re a bitch.

They’re tough. They’re a roller coaster. They’re dramatic.

Even the healthy ones. Maybe you’re married and you get along real well, respect each other, but the sex isn’t exactly lighting your fire anymore. Maybe you DO have passionate, amazing sex but you also fight like lunatics on the regular. Maybe everything is “perfect” and hunky dory but then one day you wake up and the shit just hits the fan.

You thought you were on the same page, but then all of a sudden, like a bat out of hell – you realize you’re not. If this relationship was a product or service, you’d be like “BITCH, GIMME MY REFUND!”

Somewhere along the way, someone here failed at communicating, and you have buckets of unmet expectations, disappointments, resentments, and a lot of regret. Am I speaking from personal experience? Maybeeeee. *winky face*

Guess what? In business, you’re dealing with the same, fucking thing.

Your customers want to trust you, believe in you, and buy from you, but if you don’t deliver on your promises, or communicate effectively about what they can expect from you – you’re S.O.L.

And let me tell you: that shit HURTS. Confession: I’m going through this on a personal level right now. My boyfriend and I moved in together in March and it’s been a roller coaster of epic proportions. I have no idea if it’s going to work out – and it’s a shit ton of work, let me tell you – but had we ironed out a whole bunch of shit in advance, I think this would have gone a whole lot smoother.

The point? YOU CAN FIGURE OUT A LOT OF SHIT AHEAD OF TIME and avoid the headaches, drama, stress, and refund requests. 😉 At least I have the foresight to do this with all of my clients. LOLz. {eye roll}

Getting your ducks in a row in advance is the KEY to making your business relationships run smooth like butter. And by that I mean: the money flows in, the client raves abound, and the business keeps a’comin.’

So, with that in mind, here are my 3 EASY STEPS to building effective (healthy + profitable) relationships with your customers and clients.

Easy relationships = easy money. I like that, don’t you?

1. Communicate your boundaries with a CONTRACT.

Yeah. So this is one of those evolving documents in your business, if you’re doing it right. Like a relationship, as you experiment with various ways of doing business and working with clients, you will discover what works for you, and what absolutely doesn’t. The BEST way to make your expectations clear upfront is by making sure that all of those details are in the contract. Do you have a way that you want your clients to contact you? GREAT. Put it in the contract. Do you have a way of handling what to do when clients ghost on you? GREAT. Put it in the contract. In my business specifically, it’s impossible to time manage my projects unless the client is delivering their part on deadline. Because of this, I make it very clear in my contract that I only set aside a certain amount of time for a project before it becomes “inactive,” and this saves my butt (legally speaking) whenever someone gets lax about moving their copy project forward. Say what you need and expect upfront, and then no one gets hurt and everyone’s happy.

2. Be prepared for awkward communication with SCRIPTS.

Like relationships, your business is going to be FULL of hard conversations. Sometimes you’ll have to nag and remind people to pay you, sometimes you’ll have to tell people that they lost a session by cancelling too late, and sometimes you’ll have to FIRE people (clients and contractors). Um, that shit is awkward and anything but fun! Especially for really nice people like you! The problem with that is that you will then avoid those emails or conversations like the damn plague, but pushing them off only results in you losing money, and having unhappy client relationships which is NO bueno for your business. In order to make sure you don’t put off these important talks, just prepare yourself by writing scripts in advance (or saving them as time goes on!). I’m actually creating a library of scripts to make this awkward stuff easy for you, so if the thought of writing these yourself makes you absolutely itch, stay tuned. The point is this: Get ready to copy and paste all of those tough conversations NOW, not later.

3. Sell your services and products with regular, consistent communication that builds trust (in other words, set up a FUNNEL).

Funnels sound like gross, creepy marketing machines when really they’re just a way for you to build a relationship with your clientele that’s easy for you. Yeah, that’s really it. So instead of writing emails and answering the same questions over and over, teaching the same topics repeatedly, or following up manually, you can put that shit on autopilot. It’s like cruise control for your sales process. Um… who doesn’t like cruise control? This frees up your time to do what YOU do best in your business. Liiiiiike being you, showing up for your current paying-you-their-hard-earned-money clients with your full attention, and essentially: being able to BEST deliver on the promise of working with you or hiring you. WIN FUCKING WIN, BITCHES.

Because I’m here to help YOU create success in your business in any and every way I possibly can (I’m such a pushover, really), I want to help. If you’re lost with your funnels – or even your scripts or client boundaries – I’m offering a few one-off WTFunnel strategy sessions this month ONLY where we can work out those hold ups in your business and generate an action plan based on your precise needs.

I’ll give you a detailed MAP of emails you need to write (or hey, you can hire my team to write them for you if you’d like – and I’ll even give you a 10% discount off of our writing services to make that SUPER deliciously easy for you in you book within the next 24 hours).

These sessions are 90 minutes long, you’ll receive your client relationship map the following day, and your investment is only $500… That’s IT. It’s a $1000 value for only $500. There are ONLY 3 spots available and you can snag yours by clicking right here.

I wouldn’t miss this if I were you.


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