Blinking Cursor Syndrome

Do you have blinking cursor syndrome?

You know it. It’s one meeeaaaannnn S.O.B.

You sit down to write your sales page or get your website copy together and BOOM.

Nothing happens.

Is it just me or is does it always seem like a good time for a muffin when it’s time to sit down and write?

And the battle begins.

  • Blinking Cursor: Oh heyyy girl, didn’t you have something to do today? Some stuff to, like, write?!
  • Me: Yeah, I know. I’m just… I’m hungry. I’ll be right back.
  • Blinking Cursor: There’s too many carbs in that muffin.
  • Me: Shut up! You’re so mean to me!
  • Blinking Cursor: I think it’s time to focus. I can’t write this shit by myself. You gotta tell me what letters and words I’m gonna make over here. 
  • Me: Stop telling me what to do!
  • Blinking Cursor: You’re the boss.
  • Me: That feels like so much pressure.
  • Blinking Cursor: Just get off of Facebook already and do the work!
  • Me: I can’t look at you anymore! I’m closing the laptop! Bye!

I don’t know about YOU, but I don’t have tiiiiimmee for that writer’s block thing.

Here’s the thing:

If you’re not writing, your business is likely at a standstill.
If you’re not writing, you’re not putting your services out there.
If you’re not writing, you’re not shouting out how awesome you are to the world (or your list).


So I’m sharing my five step process for overcoming writer’s block.

1. Set a deadline. And tell people.

  • Seriously, people will do anything and everything to avoid shame, including looking stupid in front of their peers. As soon as you tell someone you’re doing something it feels more important that you actually do it. Why? Because you’ll look like a fucking failure if you don’t.

    So make yourself proud and phone a friend.

2. Use a Timer.

  • One of the biggest excuses I hear among clients is that they don’t have time. “I need four whole hours to write this!” No, you don’t. You just wasted an hour trolling Facebook stalking your ex boyfriend (don’t even lie to me, I see you). When you set a timer, magical things happen. Trust me on this one. It’s like tricking your brain into seeing that writing doesn’t have to be so time-consuming and painful.

    Imagine how it feels to realize that writing a blog only takes thirty minutes and not four hours? It’s a game changer. Do it!

3. Write badly

  • The biggest reason people don’t write is because they’re afraid they will suck at it. Honestly, all writing is rewriting. Repeat after me: all writing is rewriting. Here is why… writing (especially when it’s good) is emotional. No one naturally writes everything in the perfect order or looking all clean and amazing. NO ONE. That’s why the “word” process exists.

    The struggle is real! Reduce your expectations of your first draft and just set out to write it. Not well. Just words on the page. This is what I call the BFD (bad first draft) so just get one out there so you have something to work with!

4. Know what structure is and how to use it.

  • I’m talking about TWO kinds of structure here. Structure in your schedule and structure in your writing. Once you set a deadline and pick an hour to write, stick to it. Announce it on Facebook, tell your friends, your boyfriend, your mom. Whoever. Set that timer, shut off your phone, turn off your wifi and DO IT.

    You have to protect that writing time or it gets taken over by all that other life and business shit. Oh you need to get your car fixed? Really? Well how about you use that hour while you’re waiting in the shop. Take your journal and get it done.

5. Structure Part 2.

  • There are templates for Sales pages and About pages all over the damn place. You can head to these links for About page and Sales page guidance too.

    Use these formats as a guideline, but don’t let them control how you write. You might want to create an outline before you get started, but you don’t have to.

    Knowing how to structure your pages to reflect the story that’s key for your business is crucial but I recommend starting by just writing about your great service or business and why it’s great and why your ideal client should work with you.

    The more you try to fit a template, the more you end up sounding like someone else in the end.

    Write first, structure later.

BOOM. You just wrote your copy and it was the most natural thing in the world.

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