Are You Weird Enough?



Hey y’all. It’s Erin. Taking over the YHC blog once again because I have something I REALLLLLLLLY want to share with you.

So, last weekend I went to New York City. I stayed in a beautiful hotel with Jamie, we went to an amazing screenwriting workshop, we ate delicious food, we had heartfelt conversations that covered everything from work to love (which are actually very closely related for us), and at the risk of sounding like an absolute cheeseball, it was amazing to spend time with my soul sister.

By now you probably know that Jamie is an award winning screenwriter (if you haven’t seen her movie, drop what you’re doing, grab some popcorn and check it out on Hulu!). When she talks about movies and scripts, she LIGHTS up. So, going to this with her was particularly cool because she oozes passion and it’s very contagious (for the record, passion ooze is the only kind of contagious goop I’m ok with).

Here’s the thing about writing screenplays (and anything for that matter), the best stuff comes out when you’re being vulnerable. It’s in our honesty and rawness that the real beauty lies.

Being in a room with 20+ people for 2 days who were making a conscious decision to be vulnerable, to share their lessons, to show their pain, and to embrace their weird, for the sake of creating art, is really fucking powerful.

The weird in all of us is what makes us amazing.

It’s what makes us stand out from the crowd. It’s what we feel like we should hide, but the reality is, it’s exactly what the world needs. And in most cases, it’s what people love most about us.

Naturally, this got us talking about how grateful we are to be able to use our talents to help others express themselves. #dreamjob

Jamie and I write copy because writing is our art. It’s not just a job. It’s not just about paying the bills. It’s about taking your story and all the things that made you decide to start your business and putting it out there to share with your potential clients. It’s scary as fuck. But it’s in that vulnerability that the magic happens.

Comfort zones are overrated.

The people you’re going to help need your truth. They need your story to inspire them to write their own. So, today I’m asking you, how can you be more vulnerable in your business? How can you own your weird? How can you share more of yourself?

When you’re ready to uplevel your business with the power of story, we’re ready to help, hit us up right here – we’ll be waiting.

With love,