Am I pregnant?

Let’s talk about SEX, baby.

JK. Let’s talk about something way less fun (but more “necessary”)…


For clarity’s sake, YES I mean your own.

Working on other people’s brands is pure joy.
Working on your own = I’d rather swallow nails.

This week, I’ve been waking up exhausted and nauseated
On Sunday, I was in bed all day with a stomach flu. Which basically means I was in such a sour mood that not even WATER wanted to stay and hang out with me. #abandonmentissues

Then, my good friend and mastermind sister (and mindset coach to the stars) Kelly Ruta asked me if I was sure I didn’t have a “bun in the oven.” Well, Kelly, I’m NOT sure but I DO know that I have a very large bun (also known as a REBRAND) that’s been in this oven for about 9 months now… so, I’m ready to give BIRTH!

Am I really pregnant? I don’t know, but you’ll know as soon as I do. Cool thing? I would DEF know who the father is. #winning

While I’m keeping it real and vulnerable with you, I wanted to share more about the DEPTHS of what comes up when you’re going through massive growth in your business.

This is the shit that might happen when you’ve decided to do something like rebrand, invest in a coach to help you grow, hire a bomb ass copywriter or designer, commit to launching something new, or putting yourself out there more with ads, funnels, or videos.

I’ll cut to the chase: Growth and expansion of any kind leads to DEMONS GALORE.

You know the ones I’m talking about…

Those nasty A-holes in your head that say things like:

“You’re crazy.”
“You can’t do this.”
“You don’t deserve it.”
“It will never work.”
“You’re not smart/pretty/good enough.”

And then you cry and stress and worry… and eventually put on your big boss panties and say “WATCH ME, BITCHES.”

But for ME there’s an even stronger anxiety happening.
You see, I’m scared this rebrand WILL actually KILL me.

I discovered this during a therapy session with my amazing analyst in NYC, and it’s been this eerie knowing, slowly burning in the background while I move forward with each little piece of the rebrand ever since. It came up again during a mastermind event in March, and Kelly once again held my ass to the fire in her ever-so/NOT-AT-ALL subtle way, saying something like… “THIS IS THE REAL SHIT RIGHT HERE.”

Wondering where this irrational fear comes from? I’ll share the story.

My father, Joe Jensen, was an entrepreneur. He loved entrepreneurship SO much; he truly raised me to have my own business and think BIG. I learned so much about business and life from him. The thing is… he passed away right after he leveled his business up.

We’re talking… moved into a new, bigger, beautiful office, opened a new arm of services for his clients, hired more staff, enlisted more partners and then BOOM. He was gone.

I’m (personally) at a turning point where Your Hot Copy is about to shift, change, and expand – and I deeply hope you’ll stick around and follow our journey as that happens. But somewhere in my guts I’m terrified that after it happens, I’ll kick the bucket. Fade to black. POOF.

I don’t have a genius lesson here, or a cute “wrap-it-up” statement except to say that I know my faith has to be bigger than my fear. Things that feel like they’ll absolutely kill you might be the best thing that ever happened.

Joe Jensen had a saying just for this:
“Stop trying to be so smart and just be a C student.”

Thanks, dad.

Lots of love,





p.s. Am I pregnant tho!?