The Intro:

When a creative entrepreneur decides the world is their oyster because they can create anything they damn well please for their one, precious life…. (hint: that’s YOU!)

You’re here because you’re a badass.


If you weren’t a badass trying to do BIG things, you’d be busy watching cat videos or drowning your sorrows in a mind-numbing Netflix binge (don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally love those)… but you’re not. You’re HERE.

And whether you’re creepy-stalking my site (it happens) or shopping for some support to bring your business game to the next level (holla!) — I am GLAD.

Because now that we’ve found each other, I won’t let you off the hook.

The Catalyst:

Your mission is to make the world a better place. To serve. To help. To heal. To inspire. To start a mo’fucking revolution! Because shit needs to change.


In many ways, I AM you.

The only difference between ME and YOU?

You’re inside the jar* and can’t see the label.

I’m outside the jar, and baby, I can see everything.

*Whether this jar has peanut butter or jelly or both (or pickles) is up to you.

Now I’m kinda hungry…

As Your Mentor & Strategist:

My job is to help you see the things you cannot see for yourself and your world-changing business —

the opportunities, the options, the ideas, the strategies, the message, the story —

—  then help you package and position all of that brilliance in language that stands out, sings, sells, and makes you over-the-moon excited to put yourself out there.

Oh hai. I’m Jamie.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped over 700 entrepreneurs share their story via websites, videos, sales pages, and marketing funnels that convert like cray cray.

The fact is, after working with me, my clients have seen their sales increase by up to 900%. I could give you a long list of all of my degrees and accolades, but what you really need to know is all right here.

My story?

[read in a movie trailer voice]

When a Hollywood screenwriter takes internet marketing by storm… brilliance ensues.

Cut To: 5 years later (fyi, that’s TODAY for those of us who can’t track when stories cut back and forth in time…#noshame)

My clients have earned multiple millions of $ online.

I’ve built (and dismantled) a multi-6 figure copywriting agency, taught hundreds of writers how to sell with words (without selling their soul), mentored some of the best in the biz, and coached many other creative service providers on their brand, messaging, marketing, positioning, and business strategy.

In addition to helping clients via private consulting, writing, courses, workshops, and retreats — I also write TV and movie screenplays and interview successful creatives about their journey for my upcoming podcast Creatives Making Money.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU and what we can create together.

Whether you want to birth a totally new revenue stream, a never-before-seen brand, or tell your epic story in a book or talk, I am here to help.

The Takeaway:

The world needs your story. Your brand. Your voice. Your impact. Your YOU-NESS.

Whatever you are called to create, do it.

And, if you’re in need of some top notch support or training along the way, call me.

You can check out all the ways we can work together by clicking here.

I told you, I’m NOT about to let you off the hook anytime soon.

If you need a little more time to get to know me and see if I’m your gal — or just want to get started by getting clear on your own brand message to start, you can download my FREE worksheet by clicking here.

Quick stats.


Projects Slayed

$2.5 million+

Dollars Earned
(in conversions)


Coffees Vodkas Consumed


Dance Parties Had
(including chair wiggles)